I’m a Clinical Nutritionist (BHSc) with a passion for helping women get stronger and feel more confident - borne out of my own failings in both departments. 

Originally from the UK, I was the ‘fat kid’ in school and was bullied and beaten for a number of years.

When I finally attended uni to study Business, I was having panic attacks daily. I was prescribed anti-anxiety meds and advised I must get a gym membership to use additional adrenalin in my body. When my room mates were drinking, I would take myself to workout. Magically the exercise had a huge impact on how I felt, and it became a necessity in my day. It was a love affair that only started when I was 19. I had zero interest in fitness or health up until that point. 

Fast forward past a few years of a graduate job in obesity prevention, I decided to travel. I landed in Australia, was offered sponsorship in an admin role, got bored and started website to share recipes with my mum. When I landed in Melbourne at 24, I didn’t even know how to boil an egg. To that point I’d been living off a diet of smoked salmon, Mint Munchies, cereal and microwave meals. 

My ‘recipe log’ turned out to be a wildly successful blog - The Fit Foodie. I adopted Instagram at @thefitfboodieblog and was noticed by a publisher. I shot and styled my first cookbook (thanks to the school of YouTube). I’ve worked as a commercial food stylist and food photographer ever since, have two books of my own (Bauer Media, Murdoch Books) which have been translated into 5 languages, and shot multiple cookbooks for others.

As my following grew, I realised my work was edging past the ‘information and recipe sharing’ into the realm of health advice, which was negligent, having no qualification to do so. Although I had lost 14 kilos from exercising and eating fresh food, looking back I actually knew very little about dietary balance. What I had learnt - through conflicting blogs and websites - was how to have an eating disorder. Orthorexia. The obsession with ‘the perfect diet’, so much so that I was barely eating anything. Feel free to read more about my journey with Orthorexia though the power of Google - my story was picked up by multiple outlets including Vogue Germany. Never one to be defeated, I embarked on a Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics degree to sort through the misinformation and conditioning I had adopted.

I’m Sal (Sally, if you’re officially mad at me).

At 36, I now live with my partner in Brisbane, working as a qualified nutritionist (specialising in Sports Nutrition), S&C Coach, and recipe developer / photographer / stylist. I train 4–6 times per week. I love rest days. And carbs. I have a beautiful relationship with my food and my body (most of the time). I use my platforms to teach women how to avoid my own pitfalls and educate them using evidence-based methods. I make it simple to understand (because I hated chemistry and biology), and I do it with compassion - knowing how hard it is to feel like you’re never enough, and nothing is working.

I’ve done the ground work. The hard yards are done for you. No more thinking, planning or umm-ing and ahh-ing. No more questioning reality and pseudoscience that you’ve read. I’m offering you the tools and knowledge you need to change your life, and finally take back control of your health. 

James Clear was right when he said ‘We don’t rise to the levels of our goals but fall to the level of our systems.’ We just want to feel good, and if looking good is a result of that, then that’s just a bonus. I care about your progression, new PB’s and empowerment through education. It’s all about creating the life and energy to do more of what we love, and less of what we don’t. We care about a state of feeling. We’re about a Status of Power. 

It’s 80% whole foods, 20% soul foods. It’s 80% nutrition, 20% training. Its 80% effort, 20% chill. It’s about accepting of your ‘off days’ as part of the plan, and never giving up on your goals. It’s a lifestyle, and it’s effective - without a side of mind-fuckery.

Now dust yourself off and punch in.
It’s time to get to work, and I want you on my team.

Status 8020 is balance.