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One thing’s for sure, we are not a fad diet. 

We take the guesswork out of achieving sustainable results.

We leave you more educated about your body so you can build your own sustainable meal plans in the future.

We teach you the juice you NEED to know about metabolism, hormones, supplements and more with short, science-backed lectures delivered each week.

Your qualified nutritionist will create your meal plan using our recipes to fit your preferences.

We're proud to cater to dietary requirements and therapeutic meal plans. Gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, vegetarian, budget, pescatarian, low FODMAP, Peri/Menopause friendly and PCOS friendly.

We’re not another fad diet or recipe app. We’re a lifestyle.

Why 8020?

You’ve already been there, done that. Our science-backed nutrition programs will help you strengthen your relationship with food, while you achieve sustainable results, for both mind and body. We’re in this for the long-haul. 

I'm all about performance over ego. The intangible over the tangible. How we feel over how we look. A totally no-bullshit approach to health and life as we know it, giving my clients the power back to change their status.



✓ Science-based workout programs designed for you

✓ Based on your preferences and performance goals

✓ Specialised strength and conditioning coaching

✓ I teach holistic practices for optimising health and life quality

✓ I help you level up and reach new PB's

Purpose-led and written for your performance goals

Customised meal plans from a qualified Nutritionist

✓ Science-backed no BS nutrition

✓ Delicious, healthy meals that you'll love

✓ Range of dietary options to choose from: Vegetarian, Vegan, General, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, or Pescatarian

✓ Meal swap feature for flexibility

✓ Easy-to-follow shopping list

Tailored to your personal preferences and dietary requirements

What's included

Access to 1000+ Recipes

Exercise Video Demonstrations

Accountability and Goal Tracking

Customisable Meal Plans, Tailored to You

Weekly Education

Private Facebook Community

Community Support

Exclusive Mobile App

Fortnightly Check-Ins

Complete Shopping List

Customised Meal and Workout Plan

Options for Eating at Home or Dining Out

Ongoing Email Support

Track your Progress

Workout Log

Allergies and Dislikes Blacklist


I’m here to hold you accountable and keep track of your progress every step of the way. 

Struggle with accountability?

Have fitness or strength goals you want to achieve?

Feel tired by countless diets that haven’t been sustainable?

Enjoy the support of a like-minded female community?

Feel a plateau in your training?

Need structure?

Want education from a qualified nutritionist instead of relying on internet pseudoscience?

Not see results?

Want to build muscle and improve strength?

Feel lost at the gym?

Then Status 8020 is for you.



Download my app and you'll be notified when your programs are ready to go


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Founded by kick-ass foodie, nutritionist, and training lover, Sally O’Neil, This is Status 8020.


- Kate

My girl!! I just got my program and omg you've spoiled us. I love that you've given the cooked and uncooked weight of food. I've always struggled with this on meal plans so it's nice to see both. You've made everything so simple and easy to follow / understand. THANK YOU!

- Jess

So so impressed by what you've created for yourself and us!! Thank you!!

- Jude

OMG the shopping list is LIFE.

- Carrie

I completed my first session and loved it. I felt challenged and I love that I was not at the gym for an hour. Looking forward to breakfast. Thank you!

- Fiona

Gosh you really have thought of everything with this app. It's freakin' brilliant. 10 out of 10 

- Stacey

Babe I just finished upper body day one. AMAZING. This app feels different to the rest.

- Melissa

Sally! I am loving my meal plan on Status 8020. At first the calories seemed too high for a lean goal, but I actually feel full and am not craving snacks like I always have. I've always always blamed myself for having no willpower, but it just turns out I was HUNGRY! Now I've got chocolate sitting in the fridge that I'm not even reaching for. Feeling incredible already. Thanks for all you do!


I thought all 'diets' didn't work for me and that it was my hormones. I would eat nothing through the week and then binge on weekends. This is the first time I haven't used food to emotionally support me / escape - because I'm actually satiated and finally have a sustainable approach for my goals! 

- Abbey

Major win for me! This week I changed my morning routine from wake up, coffee and Instagram to wake up, morning walk and 8020 breakfast and wow I feel SO GOOD! I’m not feeling anxious and the mental clarity really helps before a crazy day of work! Double win that I’m recognising this as an achievement outside of body changes 🥰 this is all because of you!!

- Carolina

My energy levels are soaring and brain fog has gone since I learnt how imbalanced my diet was. So educational and helpful to understand HOW much protein we need to consume to perform optimally. It's changed my productivity and mood. Thank you!

- Karina

Information that I will pass onto my daughter. They really should be teaching this stuff in schools.

- Christie

Day 10 and no binging. This is unreal! Finally a 'diet' that promotes balance, fundamental nutrition understanding, and calls out the bullshit we're sold. 1kg down and counting.

- Mareike

Can't thank you enough for creating this community of women worldwide who want to prioritize themselves and become their best version ever. I'm so ready for it! With Status 8020 you've created a healthy and real approach to fitness and nutrition at an affordable price which gives so many more women the chance to jump on board.

- Amanda

I just wanted to let you know I have been sitting @63–64kg for YEARS exercising 4–5 x a week, not really seeing the results I should getting for the amount put in, but over the past 4 weeks I can actually see a difference in my shape AND am in the 61-62kg range!!! Whatttt!!!! 
I’ve always eaten pretty well but I’m certain portion size has been the issue.

- Charlotte

Am loving the training and feeling like it’s the first program in ages that I’m actually progressing in.

- Dr Lauren Barnett

Just wanted to say I’m super happy with my one month check in. I have lost 11cm on my hip measurement and am already lifting much heavier than when I started. Thank you! The food plan and work out accountability has been epic.

- Melanie

Great program, easy to follow, very quick feedback and approachable coaches. Highly recommend and will make the program part of my lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

- Eleanor

I find Sal to be very inspiring, informative and relatable. Love her content and thankful for her exercise and nutritional wisdom.

- Wendy

Sally is the best. Her program is so easy to follow and the help and support is right there whenever you need it. It's great value too.

- Bronwyn

Love how sally aims to not only help you achieve your health and fitness goals, but also educate you on the science behind the program so you can take the guesswork out of healthy eating and exercising.

- Iris

Sally has created a wonderful program which covers nutrition and training, as well as provides educational content. A great product which I would recommend to everyone.

- Jessi

This is a fabulous app by a very cool and intelligent person who is there for you!

- Katie

Stand out program, to lead a program with such knowledge and expertise really does provide people with the skills to succeed. Great concept Sal, your passion, drive, and human connection to your team really does [make you] stand you out from this fitness crowd.

- Aayla

It is a wonderful program that made me enjoy going to the gym and investing time in myself. The mental changes are epic and the physical changes are just a bonus.

- Meggie

Status 8020 gave me the tools I needed to feel more and more confident in the gym with a program that got me results. It helped build good habits to keep progressing towards my goals.

- Ashley

The program has every base covered and is very educational, teaching you healthy relationships with food and setting healthy boundaries.


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